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  • The Billboard Hot Christian songs chart edited to show Lauren Daigle's song You Say as the number 0 song.

    Billboard Moves “You Say” to the Newly Created #0 Position

    Billboard has changed the Hot Christian Chart so that it begins with a #0 position as opposed to the traditional #1 position. This will open up the #1 position for future competitive songs while allowing the “You Say” phenomenon to stand firm.

  • 15 – She Ever Shall Prevail

    We start out with a new segment before diving into discussing the news about the frontman for Hawk Nelson leaving his idea of Christianity and the Supreme Court’s recent decision […]

  • 07 – Gratefully Sing His Wonderful Love

    Intro KJV Song 5:4 and direct translation. Psalm 119:11 Deuteronomy 6:5 Mark 12:30 Worship is Holistic The Shema – Deuteronomy 6 The Greatest Commandment – Mark 12 The Woman at […]

  • 04 – Love Lifted Even Me

    This is the Hard Love episode. We’re not fans, but we bring it up to show the difference between Christian music and Christian-sounding music. Send your Love/Hate mail to [email protected] […]

  • 03 – All Other Ground is Sinking Sand

    This week on Balm in Gilead:Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength; Spirit and Truth; A Living Sacrifice. What makes up a good worship song? What characteristics might you look for? Bryan and […]

  • 03a – What a Beautiful Fame (Bonus Episode)

    This is our off week, but we had so much to say, we cut a bonus episode all about some old news that was newer when we recorded. So here […]

  • How Firm a Foundation

    Psalm 2 This week, Bryan and Grant discuss the foundational roots from which they assess worship songs. This includes a brief discussion of the Regulative Principle of Worship (RPW) cf. […]

  • This Is My Story, This Is My Song

    Introducing the Balm in Gilead podcast Hello, this is Bryan and Grant and together we make up the Balm in Gilead podcast. In our first episode, we introduce ourselves, tell […]

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