57 – Is Jesus Lower Still?


Psalm 57


What have we been listening to… since February


(old hats)

(really old hats)

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  1. Crown & Covenant (Ps 42D, Ps 1A, Ps 143b, Ps 78f)
  2. Jared Kraft (Revival: The Work of God soundtrack)
  3. The Corner Room (Matthew 11:28-30, John 17:1-11, John 3:16-17, Movement II (V.4-10))
  4. Colony House (One of Those Days, Landlocked Surf Rock, Cannonballers, Would Ya Could Ya)
  5. The National Parks (As We Ran, Chance, Sunshine, 8th Wonder, Rodeo, Summer of Memories)
  6. The Beach Boys (Surf Jam, Surfin’ Safari, Surfin’ U.S.A., California Girls, Fun, Fun, Fun)
  7. Owl City (Deer in the Headlights, Vitamin Sea, Learn How to Surf, Embers, Fireflies, Kelly Time)
  8. Voces8 (The Luckiest, Shenandoah, Maria, Gabriel’s Message)
  9. Ola W. Jansson (The Good Life, At Last, For Keith Jarrett, Sunset Bird)
  10. Holly Dutton (Shorter Catechism songs)

Special Mention: Spencer Parsons (Forget Not All His Benefits, A Wise Son, A Wise Son (Instrumental, Piano Version), You’re My Joy)

Ice Breaker

State of Christian Music according to John Cooper and Alisa Childers:

  • Progressive Christianity is more pervasive
  • Identifying with fallenness over Christ
  • Flamy Grant
  • Avoiding Bethel and Hillsong

Note the importance of more influential voices speaking especially to the idea of blanket rule rejecting Bethel and Hillsong

Song V Song

“Christ Is Lower Still”

The Porter’s Gate


Breathe in, reach out

Touch the hem of your garment now

Help me, heal me

My mind, my body, and soul


Let the king descend, living word made flesh

Lift this heavy heart to your throne o god

In his wounds I find room for all of mine

When from grace I fell, Christ was lower still


Humbly, lowly

Jesus waits in the valley

My Savior suffers with me

With Him, I’ll rise again

Chorus x2

Til the earth is filled, Christ is lower still


We lift it all up to you Lord

We lift our heads we lift our hands

We lift our dreams we lift our plans

We lift our sorrow and our pain

We cast our cares on you again

We lift it all up to you Lord

Chorus x2

Til the earth is filled, Christ is lower still

Some notes on this song
“Fell from grace” – Galatians 5:4 and some commentary from Got Questions.

“Nothing Either Great or Small”

You Me & The Bread

(based on this hymn)


Nothing either great or small

Nothing sinner, no

Jesus died to pay it all

Ever long ago

When he from his lofty throne

Stooped to do and die

Everything was fully done

Hearken to his cry


And rest in the hands of the Savior

Rest in him

Rest in the grace of his labor

Rest in him


Weary working burdened one

Wherefore toil you so?

Cease your doing, all was done

Ever long ago

‘Til to Jesus’ work you cling

By a simple faith

Doing is a deadly thing

But by His work, we’re saved



It is finished, yes indeed

Finished we were bought

Sinners, this is all we need

Tell me, is it not?

We cast our deadly doing down

Down at Jesus’ feet

Stand in him and him alone

Gloriously complete


(oddly enough, the hymn that inspired this song also inspired It Is Finished by Bifrost Arts–the same people that later formed The Porter’s Gate–so we could have done a Pre-Deconstruction V Post-Deconstruction comparison)

How Can We Take the Lord’s Supper in a Worthy Manner? | Monergism

“So, the best and only worthiness which we can bring to God, is to offer him our own vileness, and unworthiness, that his mercy may make us worthy:

  • to despond in ourselves, that we may be consoled in him
  • to humble ourselves, that we may be elevated by him
  • to accuse ourselves, that we may be justified by him”
John Calvin

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