Episode 49 Part 1 – Review of Poor Bishop Hooper’s Album Foreign Made


Psalm 49

What We’re Listening To



Foreign Made Review

Tree Oh Tree

Mark 11:12-25 and Matthew 21:18-22

First song on their first album. This is how the world will meet you–a cursed tree and minor undertones.


Luke 12:49-56 and Mark 14:27-28

If we’re faithful to Christ, we will rock the boat. 


Luke 12:13-34

Where is your treasure? Earth or heaven?


John 8:6-11, 17:9-12 and Revelation 19:11-18


Luke 12:35-47

Risk On Me

Matthew 25:14-30

Does the line “When He returns…” refer in the melody in the concept to When I survey the Wondrous Cross?

Final Fire

Matthew 6:19-24, 10:9-40 and Luke 16:10

A Ghost To Guide You

Matthew 18:21-35 and John 20:21-23

The Whole Sight of You

Mark 4:10-11, 6:50-52 and Ezekiel 36:26

1 Peter 1:12? Exodus 33:17-23

He Loved Us to the End

Matthew 26:17-30 and John 13:1-17

Sons of Zebedee

Matthew 20:20-28

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