40 – God Moves in a Mysterious Way: Henry Haffner interview

Psalm 40


Henry Haffner is a violist, violinist, music director, composer, and educator at Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, TN where he leads worship. He also is the principal violist for the Lexington Philharmonic and has performed and given masterclasses throughout the South and Midwest. He appears on recordings by Nathan Clark George, Jim Daneker, Paul Cardall, and Michael W. Smith in addition to his own albums Clovercroft and Southern Psalms.

Music Recommendations

  1. Do you have any song recommendations for personal listening and/or church use?
    1. Nathan Clark George – Rise and Worship
    2. Gregory Wilbur – My Cry Ascends
    3. Antonín Dvořák – String quartet #12 in F, A Maj Piano Quintet
    4. Gustav Mahler
    5. Richard Wagner
  2. What are some of your all the favorite songs to sing in church?
    1. Traditional Hymns
    2. How Firm a Foundation
    3. On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand
    4. At Last Did My Savior Bleed?
    5. There is a Fountain Filled with Blood?
  3. What are some Psalms that have been influential in your life?
    1. Psalm 30
    2. Psalm 27
    3. Psalm 128Wrote a tune for Psalm 128 that appeared on his Southern Psalms album.

Brief Shapenotes Excursus

  1. Uniquely American form of church music and church music education. In the Colonial era, there were many frontier churches with limited resources. Musicians would come through around once a year to teach the congregation to sing. 
  2. Prior to singing the hymn, you go through the hymn with the syllables first before singing the verses.
  3. Now associated with Appalachia. 
  4. All the melodies are pentatonic, lots of open 5ths.
  5. Best known collections are “Southern Harmony” 1850s? And the “Sacred Harp” the best known example.
  6. What Wondrous Love is This?
  7. My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
  8. 277 Antioch – Second Ireland Sacred Harp Convention, 2012 

Follow Henry Haffner

  1. Henry Haffner: Music (Bandcamp)
  2. www.HenryHaffnerMusic.com 
  3. YouTube: Henry Haffner

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