39 – Nothing But the Blood of Jesus: Interview with Cody Curtis of Psallos

Psalm 39

Introducing Cody Curtis of Psallos

Cody Curtis is the writer and composer for the musical group Psallos and professor of music at Union University. He joins us to discuss his goal of putting the Epistles to music. So far, that includes Romans, Hebrews, Jude, and coming soon, Phillipians.

Cody’s Music Recommendations

  1. Personal listening
    1. Classic Rock
    2. The Beatles
    3. Pink Floyd
    4. Abigail Washburn
    5. The Arcadian Wild
    6. Claude Debussy
    7. Igor Stravinsky
  2. Singing in church
    1. Hymns
    2. It is Well
    3. Getty’s In Christ Alone
    4. The Perfect Wisdom of the Lord
    5. Yet Not I, But Christ In Me


Are the Songs in the Wrong Order? (Hebrews: Behind the Music)

“Good art makes the familiar unfamiliar.”

Cody Curtis

Meaningful Psalm: Psalm 127

Check out Psallos’ website, support through their online store, or support Psallos on Patreon.

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