38 – All Things Bright and Beautiful: Interview with Poet Renee Emerson

Psalm 38

Meet our Guest, Renee Emerson

This week, we welcome Renee Emerson, poet and author to talk about poetry and beauty. We discuss how this connects into how a poet looks at the Psalms and what we can learn from them.

Renee has several published works including Threshing Floor and Keeping Me Still, and the forthcoming poetry work, Church Ladies in the spring of 2022. She will soon expand into middle-grade fiction with Why Shep Miller Must Learn to Ride a Bike.

Some favorite music is:

Some favorite hymns include

  • This is My Father’s World
  • How Firm a Foundation
  • Onward Christian Soldiers
  • The Getty’s

Visit Renee Emerson at her website or on Twitter.

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