37 – Lead On O King Eternal: Interview with Phillip Moyer of My Soul Among Lions

Psalm 37

Interview with Philip Moyer of My Soul Among Lions

  1. The MSAL story
    1. Started making hymns 
    2. https://Songbook.warhornmedia.com
    3. Realized that the Psalms were the missing component
    4. Bring back the songbook/prayerbook of God’s people
    5. Songs of Deliverance, Especially the Song of Moses
  2. “Dedicated to restoring the Book of Psalms to its place in Christian worship.”
  3. Who do you all listen to?
    1. Nothing while working on a project
    2. Exploratory
    3. Citizens and Saints, album: Citizens 
    4. Sovereign Grace, He is our God
    5. Gettys
    6. Shane and Shane – Hymns Live
  4. Favorite song(s) in church
    1. His Final Word – The Good Shepherd Band
    2. His Mercy is More
    3. City Alight – yet not I, Christ is mine forevermore
  5. Which song was your biggest challenge? And also the one that was the most fun.
    1. Forsaken Me (Psalm 22)

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