36 – Power in the Blood: Interview with Kyle Thompson of the Undaunted.Life Podcast

Psalm 36

Kyle Thompson introduction

Podcast host at Undaunted.Life. The Psalm that has been most meaningful to him is Psalm 34, especially verse 10.

Music recommendations

  1. Convictions
  2. For Today
  3. Impending Doom

Favorite song(s) in church

  1. O Come O Come Emmanuel
  2. Blessed Assurance
  3. Power in the Blood
  4. Shane and Shane, Psalm 46

Links from the Show

Undaunted.Life podcast on worship Episode 176.

Most popular Undaunted.Life Episode 4 which describes a bit of Kyle’s backstory.

A Message of Strength, Faith and Love – OKC Thunder Asst. Coach’s wife killed by drunk driver.

Balm in Gilead’s Psalter Playlist

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