31 – Thy Works Not Mine O Christ: Interview with Justin Rea of Sound in Worship


Psalm 32

Special Guest Justin Rea

Check out what he’s been up to:

  1. If Songs Could Preach Podcast
  2. Sound In Worship
  1. Music recommendations? Artists are all Spotify links
    1. The Corner Room
    2. Matt Boswell & Matt Papa
    3. My Soul Among Lions
    4. Norton Hall Band
    5. Joe Deegan
      1. Another Son
    6. Brian Sauve
  2. Favorite song(s) in church?
    1. Psalm 150 (Gettys and Boswell)
    2. A Mighty Fortress
  3. Questions about current personal project
    1. About Justin
    2. If Songs Could Preach
    3. Sound in Worship
    4. Any cool secret online band projects?
  4. Questionnaire overview – Questions for Christian Music Discernment
    1. Also note Justin’s blog posts on the same topic: Music Notes | Blog – How to Choose a Solid Worship Song
  5. What to expect in season 3
    1. Jesus, I have my Doubts by Jon Foreman
    2. Palms by Thrice
  6. Meaningful Psalm for Justin – Psalm 22. References Forsaken Me by MSAL, see this Podcast episode

Additional Links

The Balm in Gilead Psalter Playlist (Spotify)

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