Nation’s Restaurants to Replace Masks with Feeding Bags

An empty restaurant on the left panel and two horses feeding on the right panel with a large plus sign between them

The restaurant industry has been among the nation’s leading industries to stay lax in its policies concerning mask wearing. This is largely due to the fact that it is difficult to eat while wearing a mask.

One of the more common solutions has been to require masks while entering or walking around a restaurant’s interior while allowing the removal of masks once a patron has been seated at a table.

More relaxed restaurants have not required masks at all, while the most stringent only allow mask removal once the food has been served. However, one restaurant recently began a trend that has been spreading quickly and is predicted to catch on industry wide in a matter of weeks.

Pat’s Feed House in Flippin, Arkansas is reported to have begun the trend at the request of an eight year old patron. Witnesses reported that the child struggled with her mask, confused about when she was allowed to remove it and when she was required to put it back on. Frustrated, she put a handful of her fried okra in her mask as if it were a feed bag and ate her okra like a horse.

Pat, the restaurant owner, and his wife, a locally renown Etsy shop owner, jumped at the sight of this girl’s ingenuity and began offering official Pat’s Feed Bags. After the local news outlet ran the story, restaurants all around rural Arkansas began making their own feed bags.

National chains started adopting the bags, some of which require patrons to purchase them or bring their own before being allowed admittance into the restaurant. 

It is predicted that the bags will become the industry standard before the month is out. It is also predicted that the government will mandate the requirement soon thereafter taking credit for the trend in the first place.

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