18 – Glory and Honor, Praise, Adoration: Congregational Preference and the Significance of Style (Part 3)

Psalm 18

Follow Up

  1. Grant had asked Bryan last episode why 150 songs was not enough. Bryan had actually said that 150 songs were enough. Either way, he never answered the question. Until now, and you won’t believe reason #5!


Some podcasts play games. But not us! We tackle an in-person feedback from one of our listeners on singability and understandability as important for worship music.

We also mention a number of Bible references in this section

And we mention the song “Jesus is Lord,” but not the one Kanye wrote.

Main Topic: A Congregation’s Preference is Interesting, but not an Order

Bryan’s been reading the book Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns, which we use as a launching pad to discuss what role a congregation’s preferences should play in determining the worship music from week to week.

We manage to mention another Babylon Bee article, ‘You’re Already Enough! You’re Perfect Just The Way You Are!’ Shouts Lifeguard Steven Furtick To Drowning Man. And if you like that, you’ll love our satire side project, the Bomb of Galahad.

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