14 – Jesus Paid It All: The Argument Against Paying Royalties to Questionable Sources

Psalm 14

But first

Gilead Sciences – Open Letter from Chairman and CEO Daniel O’Day.

The Meat of It

A church pays money, called royalties, to a song’s writer(s) through their CCLI license. The “Royalties Argument” says that a song’s author matters, despite a song’s content, as long as the song is not in the public domain. By singing Bethel, Elevation, and Hillsong music, a church is supporting their activities both through money and a tacit endorsement of the church and it’s teachings through the credit.

This Wretched YouTube video supplied much of our discussion: Why Your Church Shouldn’t Play Bethel or Hillsong Music.

False Teachers

The Bible has plenty of passages that describe the danger of false teachers. We discuss the following:


Voices, by Switchfoot

Voices, featuring Lindsey Stirling

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