13 – Jesus I Come to Thee: Jeremy Riddle Escaping Bethel Church and NAR Basics

Recently, Christian worship music leader Jeremy Riddle posted:

“I find myself increasingly troubled when I look at western Christian culture and see such a startling lack of representation or instruction on VITAL teachings in scripture; particularly the passages that warn and admonish.”

Jeremy Riddle’s Facebook profile

Bryan and Grant discuss why this is so significant and Jeremy Riddle’s theological background rooted in Bethel church and New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) theology. We discuss what NAR theology is, why it’s dangerous, and how to recognize it.

But First…

The Worship Song Song

The Original Post

Jeremy Riddle’s Facebook post from April 10.

He posted a follow up a few days later

The Response

Lindsay Davis-Knotts, former BSSM student who got out and was featured in the 3 part Cultish expose.

Who is Jeremy Riddle?

  • All Music biography
  • Jeremy’s teaching through Bethel.tv
  • Latest album just came out, called Holy Ground. He has mentioned the album was a “2 year process” which is the same period of time he claims he has been on the long journey of repentance.

What is New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) Theology?

Key Terms

What words do people who follow NAR theology typically use? Below are a few terms that adherents to this theology (whether or not they claim to actually hold to that theology)

  • Dominion
  • Demon/Demonic
  • Apostolic – they believe the leaders have apostolic gifts like healing and more
  • Kingdom
  • Destiny 
  • Presence
  • Glory
  • Revival
  • Unity 
  • Global Awakening
  • Global

Videos of Bethel’s Curious Practices & Beliefs

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One Reply to “13 – Jesus I Come to Thee: Jeremy Riddle Escaping Bethel Church and NAR Basics”

  1. Oskar Abley

    Hi Guys, I just read Amy’s six signs of being an NAR church. So right but also so wrong. To me it’s like an evangelical saying all people that speak in tongues are of the devil. The naming heretics like some leaders in Bethel and then throwing out Joyce MYER’s along with them.

    There are plenty of idiots heretics and people devoid of Gods word in the Pentecostal and post Pentecostal movements. It is however as vast and sweeping to say all evangelicals have fallen and are now promoting a social gospel.

    The first accusation against the NAR is that they have apostles. They are indeed in trouble but it’s not a work of the devil. Bethel is apostate however the evangelists have caused Jonson and Voloton to pull their head in with regard to repentance not needed for salvation and being against holiness.

    I support the five fold ministry today, we differ on “ when that which is perfect will come”.

    Having too broad a brush suggests the view is from a particular denomination or segment of Christianity which is hard for all of us to avoid.

    Let us talk and see the sparks fly upward, surely we are both hungry for the truth as that is the first characteristic of a Barean.

    Blessings Oskar

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