Author: Grant Baker

  • 34 – For the Beauty of the Earth

    This week, we continue our discussion of Beauty and Craft. Stay tuned as we have a giveaway this week!

  • 33 – How Excellent in All the Earth

    The guys discuss excellence in music. This is a bit more subjective than what we've talked about before. We talk a bit more about the art of music and how that pursuit might operate in worship music.

  • Bonus: Song vs. The Same Song

    Jon Foreman wrote a song based on Psalm 51 that is beautiful. The instrumentation is very somber, and while it has a lot of moving pieces, functions in a way […]

  • Bonus: Community Deconstruction

    Quick, interesting discussion regarding similarities in deconstruction stories. And some podcast recommendations. Podcast Recos Restless The Alisa Childers Podcast Cooper Stuff Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts […]

  • 32 – Earth Has No Sorrows

    Psalm Psalm 32 Ice Breaker Review of Jon Foreman’s Departures album I would classify this album as a Type 2.5 album. Many of the songs are solidly Type 3, but […]

  • 31 – Thy Works Not Mine O Christ

    This week, we welcome special guest Justin Rea to the podcast. We discuss his music recos and play a fun game before settling into the main topic all about what's ahead on Season 3. Stay tuned to the end for a song and a special announcement!

  • 30 – As the Deer

    This week, we offer up a song versus song on paraphrases of Psalm 42-43, and, as it happens, Psalm 63. We are looking at Tomlin's Waterfall and The Sing Team's Satisfied in You

  • Let All With Heart and Voice and Occasional Unorthodox Theology: Part 2, Instruments of Instrumentation

    Another bonus segment from our discussion in episode 29. We start, but do not go to deep into instruments in worship. Allowed? Not? Things to think about. Play in […]

  • Let All With Heart and Voice and Occasional Unorthodox Theology: Part 1 What about Watts?

    Part 1 of some bonus content from our last show. Here, we go on a bit of a journey through discussing what we each think about how writers’ beliefs ought […]

  • 29 – Let All With Heart And Voice

    Why do we have music ministers, worship leaders, and song leaders? In this episode, Bryan and Grant discuss an idea Bryan has about where this might come from.

  • Artist Poor Bishop Hooper performing

    28 – Rock of Ages Cleft for Me

    A warm welcome to special guest Poor Bishop Hooper! We discuss their recent and ongoing project EveryPsalm, touch on their song writing process, discuss the challenges and joys with the project, and much more.

  • 27 – Every Kindred, Every Race

    Your hosts discuss Biblical translation broadly and poetic translation specifically.

  • 26 – Come and Worship

    Bryan and Grant finish off the Psalm model with Petition, Supplication, and Call to Action.

  • 25.1 – Let Us Continue to Adore Him

    A short excursus on Billboard, and who is responsible for the state of Christian music.

  • 25 – Oh Come Let Us Adore Him

    The episode in which Bryan and Grant think through a few types of praise: adoration, blessing, and thanksgiving.

  • 24.1 – Ponder Again

    Hey! You found it! Here is the bonus episode of all the great conversation that didn’t make it into the original episode.

  • 24 – Ponder Anew What the Almighty Can Do

    This week we welcome the inimitable Jim Briggs, one of the hosts of the popular Lightest Form of Flogging podcast to talk about how we have changed in our beliefs about worship over the years.

  • 23-Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

    We continue our thoughts on the Psalm Model with the Praise type of Psalm. Bryan finds 11 aspects to a praise Psalm and Grant relies on Tremper Longman's take to break down the typical structure.

  • 22.2 – His Grace Much More Aboundeth – Bonus Episode

    Go listen to episode 22 first! We are going to review 5 songs: a Psalm Model song and a Psalm Paraphrase song from “Lamentations” by Bifrost Arts, a Psalm Model song and a Psalm Paraphrase song from “Daughter Zion’s Woe” by Cardiphonia, and “Thy Will”, a Psalm Model song by Hilary Scott and the Scott Family Band.

  • 22 – The Voice of Lamentation

    Bryan and Grant dive into the Psalms known as "laments." What are they and why are they important?

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